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13th August 2005James Booth
By Mark

I am not sure if it is common knowledge but sadly James Hook passed away last week of course we all knew him as "HOOK " in ZULU the write up on him is in The Independant on line.

14th August 2005Chris
James Booth's died? Oh, no. I didn't know that! That's really sad. He's one of my favourite characters in Zulu. He's the one that probably sticks out most for me, amongst all the others.
R.I.P. JB.
I can't believe it :( I feel gutted.
14th August 2005Chris
Here's the link that Mark alluded to:

Cannot believe James Booth is dead?! So sad.
14th August 2005Arthur Trent
All sad and true, but his on screen characterisation of Henry Hook, as written and directed, unacceptably maligned the reputation of a decent, brave and gentle man in the eyes of those who cannot discriminate between the film Zulu and reality.
14th August 2005Peter Ewart
He died on Friday - there is an obit on the online "Independent" website, published yesterday.

Diana has promptly amended her own JB tribute site (links left).

14th August 2005glynne
I had the honour to meet James Booth last year at Woolwich.
What a wonderful man and a pleasure to talk to.
Stll had that Cheeky glint in the eye.
Will be sadly missed.
16th August 2005Andrew Holliday
In the Sunday Mirror it said 'ZULU Star dies at 77' and it told the reader about him but also about his chareactor as well, which I thought was good
16th August 2005Alan Critchley
I found this about him
16th August 2005Rich
Nice piece from '64....I'm not aware that Mr. Booth talked much about his specific role in the film but I've always been curious as to why Hook was portrayed as he was by Mr. Booth. I'm sure Mr. Booth eventually got to know the real character he played.
16th August 2005Diana Blackwell
James Booth's funeral will take place Thursday, 8/18/05. Cards, flowers, etc. can be sent to::
James Booth Service
C/O Stibbards & Sons,
4 Commonhall Lane,
Essex, SS7 2RN
16th August 2005Diana Blackwell
The service will be at 1 PM.
16th August 2005Glenn Wade
I was with Glynne when we met James at Woolwich, it hasn't even been a year. I am truly saddened. Zulu will never be the same again
Rest in peace Jim

18th August 2005Peter Ewart
"The Times" obit appeared yesterday. Virtually identical to others which I've seen so far in the British press, although it did mention the controversial nature of his portrayal of the reliable Hook as a malingerer - and also increased the Zulu force at RD to 40,000.

18th August 2005Diana Blackwell
Would you happen to have the link (or the document)
18th August 2005Martin Everett

There was also 1/2 page obituary in Telegraph (August 16th) which you should be able to find on the paper's website. Doesn't mention the number of Zulus -but suggest the his role was memorable. Interestingly it mentions that David Geeves was a Captain in the Army - who with?
18th August 2005Peter Ewart

Yes, no problem. Am contacting you direct.

19th August 2005Alan Critchley
The Telegraph link is in the NEWS section on the left.

22nd August 2005Richard
Sad news, didnt realise who old he was. As fo rthe characterisation of Hook, on the VC website someone has suggested that the script writers got confused between Hook and Hitch. Hitch had a character similar to the one potrayed by James Booth.