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16th August 2005Martini Henry prices
By Michael Kent
I am in possession of numerous Mark II Martini Henry's with bayonets in pretty good condition. They are all stamped by the War Department have the VR stamp and were shipped to Nepal in 1894 for their Army to use after we discarded them. How much do you think they are worth on average? They are all dated between 1875-77.
16th August 2005Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Michael. Prices differ around the world but not as much as they used to. The price I suspect you paid I.M.A. has set the bench mark. May I suggest you contact one of the many Martini forums with more details? They will be only too willing to help.
17th August 2005andrew glover

I am interested in buying a good condition mark ll bayonet with scabbard. Can you help?

17th August 2005Neil Aspinshaw
The going rate for a good P1876 is around £85-£100 with scabbard, or £45-50 without, you have to be careful though as alot have been bushed for .303 and will not fit.
Andrew, I have some if you still require one, contact me off forum.
17th August 2005Alan Critchley
You chaps a getting perilously close to breaching the forum rules.