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18th August 2005Will the real Edward Bear come forward?
By Martin Everett
Nothing to do with AZW, but perhaps to this discussion forum. There is an article in the Bulletin of the Military Historical Society (Vol 56, No 221, August 2005) by David Linaker which gives an account of Edward Bear Club.

Apparently the Club was for those officer cadets who completed the short Parachute Course whilst attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The Club was, according to David, well established by Intake No. 7 (starting February 1951) and he attended short Parachute Course No. 4 at Abingdon. So by now there must be a large number of 'Edward Bears'.
19th August 2005Sean Sweeney
He could be an ageing rocker from the Canadian band 'Edward Bear' ?
who's legendary lyric is misquoted as;
'Did you know a goat could sleep and leave the lights on'
maybe that says it all !

The real 'Edward Bear' however is the RMAS Parachute Club mascot, in The Sandhurst Collection.
Scary thought though, if we have a 'Toy Story'/'Small Soldiers' revolt in the collection, with Edward in the Van, and logging on to the computer to access the RD site !!!

My money is on the ageing 'rocker' !
19th August 2005Arthur Trent
More likely, surely, to be somebody from the good old US of A, where the Teddy Bear was made popular as far back as Teddy Roosevelt.

This site does not just attract interest from England or Wales, or just military people.

22nd August 2005Dawn
I came across an interesting piece in a thread that starts with "Interview with David Rattray". It strayed off course, as so many of them do, and some way down you post a reply on 30 March 2004 and in it you say that 'JY throws his teddy bears into the corner'. You seemed to be having a quarrel at the time. It makes you wonder, doesn't it?
22nd August 2005Michael Boyle
I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone but might I suggest we let this one go before it gets out of hand. The big bad bear does no real harm, but broad speculation on a 'nom de plum' (or would that be 'guerre') can. In another military venacular - " It don't mean nothin', not a thang."
22nd August 2005John Young

Let us hope that your skill as an authoress, surpasses that of your powers of deduction!

I am NOT 'Edward Bear', and a quick check of said person's recent contributions, compared with the demands on my time - that required me to be at work on average 17 hours per day, six days of seven - during the recent anti-terrorist operations in London would prove this. Especially as I cannot contribute comments on websites suchas as this one from my work computer.

I have no need to hide behind an alias.

I await the withdrawal of your above inference.

John Young
23rd August 2005Dawn
During withdrawn. I was merely reminding Martin of a comment he made some time ago which someone may have picked up on. Obviously it was not you. I am man (woman?) enough to admit I made a mistake and I apologise.
23rd August 2005John Young

Your tendered apology is accepted.


23rd August 2005Sean Sweeney
Shades of 'Much ado about nothing' ,
.....methinks !
(Better not mis-quote any more, for fear of upsetting anyone, even if it's just 'The Bard'.)
Still no sign of any real, pseudo, or imagined 'Edward Bear' being 'outed' , though !
Probably a lost cause, Martin.
Unless his origins are in the corridors of power in the swb .
By the way,...How many jumps did you do ?