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19th August 2005Royal Natal Carbineers
By Sean Sweeney
If you're not already aware, the Natal Carbineers celebrated their 150th Anniversary earlier this year,
and are S.Africa's senior Regiment.
My 'Carbineer' history mentions an AZW Memorial Tablet in St Peter's Cathedral with the following inscription;
'Stranger, tell England we died doing our duty.'
which somehow manages to say it all !
This rings a bell in my fading memory.
Does anyone know if this is a unique inscription, or something in the mould of Thermopylae, Trafalgar et al ?
Incidentally, The Carbineers now number Zulu volunteers among their recruits.
What an amazing turnaround of history !
19th August 2005Paul Cubbin
'Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that there obediant to their laws we lie'

That is one translation of the stone at Thermopylae and is does bear a striking resemblance to the Carabineers' memorial. Undoubtably it was inspired by the legendary battle against Darius' Persians.
19th August 2005Peter Ewart

And the wording on the Carbineers' memorial at Isandlwana itself is also based upon this.

19th August 2005Coll

As mentioned in a previous topic, I have recently obtained a copy of 'The Natal Carbineers' by Rev. J. Stalker.

A fantastic addition to any book collection.

21st August 2005Sean Sweeney
Thanks guys.
Looks like the creator of the inscriptions was inspired by the 300 Spartans v 100,000+ Persians epic,
and a bit of 'England expects.......".
Not a bad comparison, although more relevant to RD than Isandhlwana.
I saw your earlier reference.
I have the later 'Carbineer' by Alan Hattersley, more for the WWII detail. Includes some detail of their origins, foundation, and history, however.
It's a 1,000 copy limited edition hardback.
(Gale and Polden Ltd, Aldershot, 1950)
23rd August 2005Rich
Darius, the Great King, would love your publicity for him! But I think it was his son Xerxes that met up with Leonidas on that day...;-)....