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23rd August 2005'The Screams' by Mazisi Kunene
By Coll
I mentioned this in a previous topic, as a small section of this particular poem appears at the beginning of the book 'Like Lions They Fought' by R.B. Edgerton.

Has anyone read this poem by Mazisi Kunene, as it really does seem to be quite a dramatic piece of writing and are there any recent books that the full version is in ?

24th August 2005Stephen Coan
I haven't read the poem but it probably appears in either "Zulu Poems" (1968) or "The Ancestors and the Sacred Mountain" (1982). Kunene is best known for his epic "Emperor Shaka the Great: A Zulu Epic" (1979), a poem of some 17 000 lines.
24th August 2005Coll

Thanks for replying.

Yes. I checked the internet for information about Mazisi Kunene and discovered a few titles of poetry books he has written, but as they were issued quite a while back, not so readily available, especially in the U.K.

It would be good to know the actual title of the book the poem was in to give a definite source for me to track down.

Thanks again