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3rd April 2002Bromhead's family History
By Maj Gen Kennett
During the film Lt. Bromhead mentions to Chard that his great grandfather? was the one who knelt besides Wolfe at Quebec. I have looked up on this site to see who he was but there is no mention. Was there a Bromhead at Quebec and if so does anyone have any information on him?
Thanks very much
3rd April 2002John Young
General Kennett,

According to Atkinson's 'The South Wales Borderers 24th Foot' published 1937. Appendix I, page 484, gives details of two Bromheads serving in the 24th Foot; Benjamin Bromhead - 'Capt. (from 15th Foot) 29.8.1756; to 69th Foot 23.4.58.' John Bromhead 'Ensign 30.8.1756; Lt. 3.10.57; to 69th Foot 23.4.58.'

According to a note in 'The Historical Records of the 24th Regiment', published 1892, both these officers served with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment, which became the 69th Regiment. Both of them 'served at Belle Isle, Martinque and Grenada'. Belle Isle appears to have been the 69th first battle honour in 1761.

Despite both men obviously serving at the time of Quebec, no mention is made in the works I have consulted to confirm either officer was present.

I am sure the Regimental Museum of the Royal Regiment of Wales at Cardiff Castle may be able to assist further.

John Young,
Anglo-Zulu War Research Society.
4th April 2002Martin Everett
I can supply some information about the Bromhead family - if you write to me direct - a postal address would help.
5th April 2002Peter Critchley
If you click on the link on the left for Gonville Bromhead, you will see a link within his section for further details on his family. Hopefully this will help..


All the best,

5th April 2002John Young

The ones on the link post-date the Seven Years War, which included the Storming of Quebec.

5th April 2002Julian Whybra
Wolfe's House in Westerham, Kent is owned by the National trust. On the wall is a contemporary sketch and later picture of the famous scene with all those present (down to the lone private soldier) named. Give them a ring - memory tells me there wasn't a Bromhead but there may have been a maternal ancestor among them.
7th April 2002Andrew Banks
Sorry to add a dampener to things, but I suspect this was Hollywood adding [yet more!] spice to the R/D story.
19th April 2002Martin Everett
Dear Andrew,
Gonville Bromhead (later Lt Gen Sir Gonville Bromhead, 1st Baronet - 1758-1822), grandfather of Bromhead VC, was at Quebec, but NOT in 1759 with Wolfe (ttoo young!), but with General Johnny Burgoyne and his march South to link up with Gen Howe in 1777 during the American War of Independence. Young Gonville was entrusted with the Colours of the 9th Foot and was taken prisoner by the Americans at Saratoga on 9 October 1777. I trust this helps.