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23rd February 2003[email protected]
By Tony
On my last trip to SA I spent a few weeks in Isandhlwana and visited the cave at Isandhlwana as mentioned in Alan Critchley's story.

I have since been searching the net for more information on this last soldier's stand and have come up with very little.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

(FYI- An excellent website, an abundance of factual resource)
PS- I have video footage of the cave and a panoramic scan of its vantage point if anyone is interested. (DivX) Certainly get to feel what he must of felt as he gazed below at the carnage below.
23rd February 2003John Young

I wrote a small piece on this some time ago, I could e-mail you it, if you'd like?

There is a site with the painting of 'The Last of the 24th' by R.T. Moynan, which relates to Irish painters - try a search on Moynan.

11th March 2003Joseph
Mr Young, I'd like to read your piece on this. I have often imagined what it must have been like to be the last man after so horrific a slaughter.