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24th February 2003Making of Zulu
By David Glynne Fox
I just thought you may be interested to hear of a monochrome 16mm film concerning the making of "Zulu." This film had its first public showing on Friday evening, 21st February 2003 at the Kesteven Girl's High School in Sleaford, Lincs. The film, which lacks a soundtrack lasts around thirty minutes and is well worth going to see. I understand that it is to be shown in Bristol sometime later this year and I recommend all film buffs to go and see it. The actors are shown arriving in three BOAC airliners, one a Comet and shots include Stanley Baker, Michael Caine, Ulla Jacobbson, Jack Hawkins and Neil McCarthy who lived in Sleaford for a while. Other scenes show Zulu's arriving and being fitted out with their regimental apparel, very interesting. Also scenes of "interference " by the South African military. Well it was in the early 1960's and apartheid was still rife. The excellent Zulu War artist Jason Askew was asked to comment on this and gave a very interesting explanation of feelings in South Africa at that time. The film was apparently found in a Garage/car boot sale and bought for next to nothing by a doctor practising in Sleaford. He apparently thought it was a Charlie Chaplin film at first. Sorry Charlie, but I would rather have the Zulu footage. Why can't the rest of us find treasure's like this? It would be nice to see this film transferred to video, but copyright may prove a stumblinmg block. The evening was organised to raise funds for the Gifts Hospice in Sleaford and besides doing my bit to buy tickets for the show, my wife also successfully bid 25 for an ABC cinema magazine featuring of course "Zulu" with a nice coloured photo of Stanley Baker on the cover in his Royal Engineers uniform. As I said, the film only lasts around 30 minutes but it is great to see, so if you get the opportunity, don't miss it!
27th February 2003Peter Critchley
Hi David,

Thanks very much for this - It was something I would have LOVED to have gone to, but other commitments precluded me from going. It was good of you to write up a little review for us all.. Hopefully it'll be shown again soon!

All the best,

5th March 2003John Urquhart
I fully support David's views on this interesting find. The owner has provisionally agreed to show it at the AZWHS Open Day to be held in the QEH Theatre in central Bristol on Sunday 7th September, details of which have not yet been announced, so you have pre-publication news! I'm seeing Adrian Greaves tomorrow to finalise the programme.