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13th May 2003markers
By paul hiscock
why where markers set out in zulu dawn where the little boy was killed.could they not shoot straight?
13th May 2003James Garland
They are placed as distance markers so that the soldiers can adjust their sights as the enemy advances.
15th May 2003Bill Power
But, this never occured!!
15th May 2003Alan Critchey
the theory is that because there was a depression, and therefore a blind spot which concealed the Zulu approach, the redcoats moved forward to see the Zulus as they emerged. If you have been there you'll see what I mean. I still think it was a daft deployment since if they had stayed at the camp they would have had three or four volleys before being overun.
That's my two pennyworth.

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15th May 2003James Garland
I know there is no evidence that they were used at the real battle as opposed to the film. I was just explaining what they were.
17th May 2003Bill Power
James,appeciate your point,but we have a point to correct cineamatic licence!