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21st May 2003some questions , (sorry for posting 2 toipics)
By Alex Rossiter
Does anyone have any info on a last satnd that took place near the banks of the buffalo river , i red that quite a large number of men were pushed back a few miles but were cut off by a cliff overlooking the river , could anyone elaborate on this .

How many zulu's were killed at isandlwana ?, weremany killed in hand to hand fighting , i would imagine that there were so many zulu's it would have been difficult to kill more than one without being satbbed in the side or back?


21st May 2003Martin Everett
Dear Alex,
'The Last Stand of the 24th' is thought to have taken place on the banks of the Manzimimnyama judging by the number of bodies in close proximity near to the body of Lt Anstey - mostly F Company 1/24th.

You probably have many other questions - I can really recommend David Jackson's book on the battle - called 'Hill of the Sphinx' - see 'shop'
22nd May 2003Alex Rossiter
Martin ,

Thankyou for your and recomendation, ive just been paid so ill treat myself to some zulu war books.