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29th May 2003New 'Zulu' Making of....
By Leigh Tarrant
just wondering how the new ZULU making was coming on Mr Hall!! Any idea when we might see it published??? My stepson certainly can't wait!!! He watches ZULU all the time...and he's only 8!!!!!
29th May 2003Sheldon Hall
Funny you should ask - my publisher rang me the other day with the same question! We agreed a deadline for delivery of the manuscript of October 1 (this year), with publication hopefully in Spring 2004 to coincide with the anniversaries of Rorke's Drift and the film's premiere. Your stepson obviously has impeccable taste, and I'm sure he'll enjoy the book as much as my publisher...
30th May 2003Leigh Tarrant
Thanks Sheldon!! Just can't wait!!! Must watch your running commentary again over the ZULU film, great nights entertainment. (Should you require!!) I have many vintage posters from the film ZULU if they're of any help .
30th May 2003Sheldon Hall
Hi Leigh, Thanks for your comments and for the offer. I have literally hundreds of images of, from and about ZULU for the book but I could always use more posters. Are they international or just British? Either way, perhaps you could email me with details. Look forward to hearing from you.
30th May 2003Joseph
Mr Hall,
You will update us on the release date of this book I hope!!!
2nd June 2003Sheldon Hall
I will indeed! My publisher will establish a web page for advance orders nearer the time. Watch this space!