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3rd June 2003Two Questions
By Richard Waters
Could anyone tell me if Lieutenant Raw was killed at Isandlwana?

And does anyone know who gave the direct order for Sir Garnet Wolseley to go to South Africa and replace Lord Chelmsford?

3rd June 2003Simon Copley
I remember redaing in one account that he survived

Don't know second answer
3rd June 2003Ron Lock
Lt. Raw survived the battle of Isandlwana and was subsequently present at the battles of Hlobane, Kambula, the search for the Prince Imperial's body and Ulundi. However, he died in his mid 30's and is buried in West Street Cemetary, Durban.

At the time of Isandlwana Wolseley was Governor of Cyprus and Prime Minister Disraeli was responsible for his posting to South Africa and his taking over as High Commissioner and General Officer Commanding.
4th June 2003Richard Waters
Thank you both very much!