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4th June 2003Natal Native Contingent
By Justin
Could any one help me with where to find list of Officers and NCO's- or at least Officers who served with the NNC pre-organistion into 5 battalions before the second invasion of Zululand. ie while the NNC consited of Regiments 1-3 each with their own numbered battalions. I can find lots of information on Officers/NCO's that were killed at Isandhlwana but I'm trying to put together a list of which men served with which battalion and Regiment and not just KIA's or Isandhlwana participents. The medal rolls have proved useful for giving a list of names but these seem to be only listed under their later battalions.
Any help on this would be much appreciated.
4th June 2003John Young

You might find that 'The Buffalo Border' by Laband & Thompson, (Published 1983 in PMB.) is a good starting place.

John Y.
5th June 2003Keith Smith

The best place to find this stuff is in the Local General Orders published in the Times of Natal almost every day during late 1878/79. There are very many of them and it is only possible to allocate them to particular battalions and not to individual companies within the battalion.

I have most of them from November 1878 to end April 1879 and the stuff in them makes fascinating reading.

Keith Smith
5th June 2003Justin Young
Hi John and Keith.
Many thanks for your replies to my post. I do not have a copy of 'The Buffalo Border' but I will try and put a book search out for a copy (as I know its out of print).
As to the Times of Natal - this must be a fasinating collection to have and I'd love to have access to such documents but living in Scotland, my only way to have a look at these would be to travel to S.A and have a look at the micofilm held in the national library- something I unfortunately could not afford to do!

Thanks again

5th June 2003Peter Ewart

Not so, Justin. Copies of the The Times of Natal, N/Witness, N/Mercury, Kaffrarian Watchman etc etc for the period in question are all readily available in London at the British Newspaper Library. Even the Zululand Times from a little later. So you're in luck - you have a short journey of only a few hundred miles instead of a few thousand!

6th June 2003Justin Young
Hi Peter

I didn't realise that copies were kept in London - thats great to know- should save me a bit of money in Travel anyway! I've got family in London so maybe a weeks holiday would be in order.

Many thanks for telling me this