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4th June 2003Snow/Altitude in Zululand/Battelfields
By Marc Jung
Thanks to Chris and Ian and anyone else who may answer my last query in the meantime, and this one! I saw mention in one of the items on this superb website, that snow can be present at Isandhlwana and other mountainous areas of Zululand/battlefields. As I love geography, and the beauty of South Africa, can anyone tell me altitude (ASL) is Isandhlwana, and is there also any pictures of snow here? What a marvellous picture of the site that would be too! Thanks again, all!
5th June 2003Keith Smith

The summit of Isandlwana stands at 1332 metres above sea level; that's abour 4330 feet. The hill stands abour 130 m (420 ft) above the surrounding countryside. I'm not sure whether they get snow there but they certainly get heavy frosts. I was told by friends there that they were snowed in for three days last year on the Biggarsberg, near Helpmekaar and that is about 30 km from Isandlwana.

Keith Smith