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10th June 2003'Cetshwayo's Zulu War medal'
By Mark Hobson
I was recently reading an article about medals awarded to men who fought in the Zulu War and I noticed a somewhat curious thing. The majority of the piece was concentrated on awards given to those fighting on the British side, but there was a small section about a 'medal' granted to Cetshwayo after his capture. While he was being held in Cape Town he apparantly took great pleasure in showing off his award to anyone who came along to visit him. The article gives a brief description:
" This little oval medalet in cheap metal (tin?) is 16 mm by 13mm in size and has a perforated 'ear' at the top through which is tied a little bow in white string. On the obverse is portrayed a fine Zulu head with decorative headdress, facing left. Above, in tiny letters, is his name 'CETEWAYO'. On the plain reverse, in capital letters, in four lines is the inscription 'THE ZULU WAR MEDAL'.

I wondered if anybody could add more information. I'm curious to know whether this was a one off medal for Cetshwayo alone or whether more were cast, and why. Also, what became of it.
10th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Mark,
This topic has come up before on the forum. A number of war medals as you describe were issued to Zulu Chiefs. How many and to whom we do not know as no record appears to exist. I am sure someone will add to what I have said.
10th June 2003M.Price
"Hi" Mark the Cetewayo Medal is believed to date from the time of his imprisonment. In fact local tradition in Cape Town has it that Cetewayo was in the habit of presenting his Meda lto the more Important of his visitors.
The limited Edition Book" From The Land Of
The Zulu Kings" by J.L.Smail.1979 Contains a Drawing of the Medal. I am pleased to say I
have one on its original card with wool tie.
Hope this is of some help.
regards Mike.