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10th June 2003What letter was Cavaye's company?
By Mark Nichipor
In my recent readings I have noticed cavaye's company often designed as "A" company, and elsewhere as "E" company.

Which is correct?
10th June 2003John Young

Cavaye's company was 'E' Company, also designated as No.5 Company in some contemporary works.

The other officer attached to the company was 2nd Lt. E. H. Dyson.

See F.W.D. Jackson's works on this subject to verify this matter.

John Y.
11th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Mark,
The Historical Records of the 24th - the first regimental history of the Regiment published in 1892 on page 257 shows Lt Cavaye as A Company. Although the history is edited by 3 officers of the regiment who served with the 24th in the campaign - one of them were with 1/24th. This is where the confusion over Cavaye has occurred. At some stage Porteous and Cavaye exchanged companies.
11th June 2003Julian whybra
I'm producing a short article for publication on precisely this at the moment- watch this space!