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12th June 2003Screenplay for movie ZULU?
By Adam Starr
I've tried without success for months to find a copy of ZULU's script. There are dozens of online sites that have screenplays - none of them have ZULU. Lots have ZULU DAWN, but I'm more interested in the older film.

I figured it was worth a try to ask you folks, since you're fans of the film. Does anyone have a copy of the script, or know where one may be found?


Adam Starr
Dallas, Texas
12th June 2003Roger Clifton
Most of us probably know it off by heart!
12th June 2003neil aspinshaw
like Roger says, we all know it. My son who is seven. can watches the film that much he can now do it with the sound turned down, and still do all the dialogue. escpecially the bit when hook say "look.. you got me 28 days field punishment in Brecon.. you know what he did, sent the money to my old woman.".. "what'ya do that for then.. huh!". He then promptly smacks my wifes backside!! .. classic.
But I have also tried to get the script but no avail.
Another question.. Is Ardendorf really a cheap stand in for Fozzie bear when you are seven?.

12th June 2003Adam
Roger and Neil,

Yup, the film has a lot of memorable lines. I was more interested in the writer's descriptions of scenes, the pacing, etc. I do some screenwriting myself, and it helps to read scripts that were done well.

Anyway, I'll keep looking. Thanks,

12th June 2003Diana Blackwell
I too have been searching for the script to Zulu--not only for its relic-value, but because it reportedly differs from the film. Supposedly the script introduces a love story between Chard and Miss Witt (which would make for amusing reading). Also, James Booth has told me that most of his part was improvised, so it would be interesting to compare the script and film on that score. If you do manage to obtain the script, would you be willing to share? I'd gladly pay you for costs.
12th June 2003Nigel Instone
An Original Film Script For The Film "Zulu" came up for auction on Ebay a couple of years ago.

It sold for $1,025.01 !!
15th June 2003Paul Naish
No, but I know where there are "behind the scene" photographs of the actual film set on location, (Drakensberg) and actors "in action" Micahel Caine et al.
15th June 2003Paul Naish
No, but I know where there are "behind the scene" photographs of the actual film set on location, (Drakensberg) and actors "in action" Micahel Caine et al.
15th June 2003Barry Iacoppi NZ
Are you going to tell us where Paul ?
18th June 2003Phil Read
The quote of Hook above posted by Neil '....28 days field punishment- no pay. You know what he did? Sent money to my missus - what d'you do that for?' I must have watch the film 100 times and I still don't understand it. Why did Hook get 28 days field punishment? Why did Maxfield send money to his missus? It's been bugging me for about 35 years. Can anyone put me out of my misery?
18th June 2003Melvin Hunt
Another scene which puzzles me is where Hook (looking at the burnining hospital at night) says "Look at that. Do you think that he wanted it that way?" Maybe its a reference about Maxfield but I feel that there's a few missing lines here. Any ideas?
19th June 2003Diana Blackwell
Phil and Melvin,
It isn't really explained why Hook got the field punishment, but it's sort of implied that he was being punished for theft. The money Maxfield sent Mrs. Hook was supposed to make up for Hook's missed wages, so the innocent wife wouldn't have to suffer for her husband's misdeeds. (This helps to establish Maxfield's character as principled and controlling,and also suggests that Maxfield takes a strong personal interest in Hook, which is further revealed in later scenes).
Hook's remark while watching the hospital burn unquestionably refers to Maxfield and means, "Do you think Maxfield wanted to die because he was so sick anyway?" (This ties in to that much earlier line, "If a dog was as sick as him, they'd shoot him.")
I hope this helps.
19th June 2003Phil Read

Thanks for your reply. All is now clear!