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20th June 2003Remake
By Roger Clifton
I'm sure someone must have said this before but I'd love to see a realistic remake of Zulu where Hook was a gentleman and everyone had beards or big moustaches and no corny lines like Chard's comment about "Boxer Henry .45 calibre miracles".
21st June 2003Geoff
Roger, I keep hearing a persistant rumour that the Americans are planning on doing a remake of Zulu possibly string George Clooney. Hollywood has recently done a remake of the British classic 'The Italian Job' so I suspect anything is possible. I just hope that the American film makers don't try to butcher history like they have done is so many other films. I've no doubt the American Zulu film will suggest that John Chard was really from New York, and that the British soldiers traditional rum ration was in fact a Gum ration. But yes it would be nice to see Hook portrayed as the hero he really was, and a few beards would certainly help.
21st June 2003Roger Clifton
I can't quite picture George Clooney "blacked up" in a grass skirt.
24th June 2003patrick sammon
I personally hope that "Zulu" is not remade. Despite its flaws (wrong uniforms, incorrect portrayal of Hook & Dalton, etc.) the film has stood the test of time. whether remade by an American or Brit, such a project will always exist in the shadow of the 1964 classic. sure, there may be some intriguing casting possibilities, but I doubt anyone could match the performances of Nigel Green, Stanley Baker, Michael Caine, and the rest of the original cast
24th June 2003Alex Rossiter
in my veiw , unless a new film was called 'zulu' and was about rorkes drift ,then it wouldnt be a remake.
The remake of the italian job can be called a remake because it's a remake of a film not a historical event.