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23rd June 2003boks
By samuel smithington
what books r good to read about zulu war?
24th June 2003samuel
SOZ! i meant books! not boks! no wonder why no one was replying! lol! so far my fav books are the osprie books by IAN KNIGHT.
can any1 recommand some more books to read
24th June 2003Gary Laliberty
Hi Samuel,
Looks like you like Osprey Books. Well, here is a list I recommend from them:
"The South Wales Borderers" Men-At-Arms Series
"Zulu War-Volunteers, Irregulars and Auxiliaries" Men-At-Arms Series #388
"ZULU 1816-1906" Warrior Series #14 by Ian Knight
"The Zulus" Elite Series #21 by Ian Knight
"British Forces in Zululand 1879" Elite Series #32 by Ian Knight
"Zulu War 1879" Campaign Series #14 by Ian Knight
"Rorke's Drift 1879" Campaign Series #41 by Ian Knight
"Isandlwana 1879" Campaign Series #111 by Ian Knight

Hope that list has helped you.
28th June 2003samuel
ummm thanks GARY,
but i had already read those books. i thought i said that. i mean can you recommend some other books NOT OSPREY!!!
29th June 2003Gary Laliberty
Sorry, yes I did read your post, my mistake.

30th June 2003Sam
Oh thats quite all right, Sir! I found a great list which has most books if not every book about the Zulu WAR and BOER WAR
I can copy the site if you all would like!!!
5th July 2003Martin Heyes
I have to say it - the definitive book on the whole Zulu campaign is "The Washing of the Spears," by a chap named Morris - an American, no less!!
First published in 1965, yes 1965 - it has been
reprinted many times, but you may have problems finding it. I THINK, (though not sure), my copy was published by Picador. You could try the RRW Regimental Museum at Brecon.