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9th July 2003in search of copy of account
By Justin Young
I've heard that several years ago an account by a member a trooper in one of the irregular units (I think the Transvaal Rangers) was published in a very limited quantity called " The Zulu war and my part in it" by W.H.T Thomas. Could anyone tell me where I might find a copy of this account.
I've been trying to build up a file on the Transvaal Rangers and thanks to the kind assistance of many members of this forum have managed to find alot more information on this unit that otherwise would have been missed by me. I'd also like to find out if there any muster rolls for this unit survived?- I have the medal rolls but this is only partially accurate.

Many thanks in advance for any help (again!!)

10th July 2003John Young

There was the book by T.E. Fenn, 'How I volunteered for the Cape and What I did there', published London 1879. Fenn, off the top of my head was F.L.H.

By the way the Raaff article appeared in No. 143 of 'Military Illustrated', April 2000.

10th July 2003Justin Young
Hi John

Thanks for getting back to me on my request- this is yet another book I've not heard of- I'll try and find a copy, its not the account I'm after but as the FLH served with the Transvaal Ranger I'm sure it will be a very interesting read.

About the Raaff article, I was able to get hold of a copy of this issue (and some others of interest) from the information you last sent me.

Thanks again