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10th July 2003VC to buy
By George M
Can anyone tell me where I can find a VC to buy? Is it easy to find one?
10th July 2003Chris N
They weren't exactly given away so there are not that many around.

There is a web site which will tell you about the awards and current prices etc.

£18000 is the cheapest (from Indian Mutiny)
- they go up to £120,000+

Always seems a bit sad selling VCs, I tend to think they belong in regimental museums but even some of the original recipients had to sell theirs due to hard times.
10th July 2003Andy Lee

Would be interested to know where you have found a recent Indian Mutiny VC for £18,000.

10th July 2003Chris N
It was the auction price in 1999 - there was an Indian Mutiny VC sold at £110,000 in 2003.

As I said they don't crop up very often so it is difficult to quote a figure - it also depends on whose it was.
12th July 2003John Sukey
Thanks George, that did give me a good laugh. While there are copies on the market for a modest price, your chances of getting the real thing are less than zero.
12th July 2003george
Hey, thanks, Chris. That was informative. But your first message says an Indian mutiny VC is 18000, the second says it is 110000.
Could you please clarify?
13th July 2003John Sukey
while all VC's are bloody expensive, if they were awarded to someone famous, or from an elite unit, or for a historic action, the price changes.
14th July 2003Andy Lee

Glad you spotted it thought it was my eyesight playing me up. Do not know where Chris is finding his £18k VC's but must be copies.

The VC market is dominated by the Ashcroft/Naxton partnership. The collection I understand is well over 100 strong.

In my opinion all VC's are equally important is just depends how high the other bidders can go before the lethal partnership finally win the day.

Chris you can get modern copies for around £25.


15th July 2003Edward Garcia
As mentioned above it is sad for VC’s to be bought and sold. Here in the United States our equivalent to the Victoria Cross is as widely known the Medal of Honor – often misnamed the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor has a pedigree almost as old as the VC. The VC was established in 1854 and 1354 have been awarded. The US Medal of Honor was instituted in 1862 and 3459 have been awarded since then. Both medals have become progressively harder to win as the years have gone by. As for selling or buying a Medal of Honor – both acts are Federal crimes in the United States. Even the selling or buying of replicas is outlawed. This is the case with no other U.S. medal.

An interesting note about the Medal of Honor is that in its early years one could actually win and wear more than one of the Medals. Thomas Custer, the younger brother of George Armstrong Custer won two during the American Civil War – both for capturing Confederate regimental colors. He can be seen wearing both medals in post-war photographs while a member of his older brothers ill-fated regiment, the 7th U.S. Cavalry. Brother George referred to these two medals as his brother’s “Baubles”. Thomas was killed in action at Little Big Horn in 1876.
19th July 2003george
I saw the web site. Seems like the prices increase each year. Must be some lucrative business, huh?
21st July 2003John F. Sukey
What price valour?
Incidently, a friend of mine who won the GC in Korea, has returned to Tucson from the dedication of the VC-GC memorial in Westiminster Abbey.