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12th July 2003Younghusband
By Joseph
I am currently reading the book "A Treatise on the British Military Martini" and have noticed that one of the men who is on the board to decide issues concerning breach-loading rifles was named Younghusband, RA. Is this man any relation to the Younghusband of Isandlwana fame? Is it the same man?
12th July 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
"A Treatise on the British Military Martini" A great book for reference but not a good cover to cover read. The research and detail is second to none but the photos and presentation leave a lot to be desired. Canít help you on your original query Joseph. Just thought Iíd share my thoughts on the book.
12th July 2003Joseph
Thanks for the input. I have found that I enjoy reading the excerpts of the letters from one officer to another, or from the commision to prospective makers of the "new" breechloading rifles.
12th July 2003John Young

Can't say at this time if they were related but in 1879, Major-General (Colonel Commandant) Charles Wright Younghusband, C.B., Royal Artillery, was the Superintendent of the Royal Gun Factories. He had seen prior service in the Crimea.

Apart from him and Reginald, there were four other Younghusbands serving in the British Army in 1879.

In MacKinnon & Shadbolt it states that Reginald's late father, had served as a Captain in the Honourable East India Company's service.

John Y.
12th July 2003Joseph
Thanks for the help. I believe Charles Wright Younghusband is the one in the commision letters of "a treatise..." I think it would be a fascintaing footnote if they were related. The one helps bring a new rifle into service... and the other sees its use at a famousor infamous battle.