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18th July 2003Car sighted in 'Zulu' ?
By Chris Collier
After watching Zulu for more times than is probably healthy, I think I've spotted what may be a car in the background ! It appears in the scene where Witt and his daughter are leaving Rorke's Drift in their horse and trap. In the far distance, in the direction that they are heading, is a range of hills and it is here that what looks like sunlight glinting off a car window can be seen. It flashes intermittently as the vehicle climbs a track that goes from left to right. I don't know if anyone has raised this topic before, as I have not checked out the whole site. Has anyone else spotted anthing like this ? I did here a rumour that some of the Zulu extras were paid with wrist watches during filming and that these are visable in some scenes. However, I've never spotted these myself.
22nd July 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Dont take this the wrong way but i think you shoud get out more
22nd July 2003Chris Collier
On reflection, I think you're right Arthur !