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22nd July 2003NNC Book
By Keith Smith
Hi Guys
I thought you might like to know that a very scarce book has been re-published (privately) in South Africa. It's called "The Natal Native Contingent in the Anglo Zulu War 1879" by (Prof.) Paul Thompson.
The work is very scholarly, as one might expect from a former colleague of John Laband (with whom he published "The Buffalo Border Guard") and fully foot-noted.
I am not plugging this for any personal reason, It's just a great piece of work about the role of the NNC throughout the war and until now has been as scarce as hen's teeth.
You can find it on and it costs US$35 plus P&P. My copy is already on the way.
Keith Smith
22nd July 2003Justin Young
Hi Keith

Thats fantastic news!! - cheers for putting the post up. I'll be ordering one just as soon as I've put this post up.