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5th August 2003Native contingent camp at Isandlwana
By Adrian Wright
Can somebody please let me know if there is a contemporary (eye-witness) description of the NNC part of the Imperial forces camp at Isandlwana - sorry to run on a bit about isandlwana, but something of a favourite of mine.Many thanks again if you can.
As an after thought, where would the European Officers have slept (with their men or together in their own tent?)
5th August 2003Peter Quantrill
The 1st. and 2nd.Battalions of the 3rd.Regt.NNC were positioned at the Northern end of the camp. The reason given was that they would normally have been placed downstream,ie the Southern end of the line. However, not only had the line of communication to be secured, but also any perceived Zulu attack would come from that direction. So the NNC, in spite of " the habits of the men were so filthy,and as their officers reported,so incurably so" were positioned upstream. The men found plenty of wood and built shelters for themselves, packing themselves like "sardines." The officers had their own tents which were above the men, ie West. (Authority---Hamilton Browne, Henry Harford and Norris-Newman.)
5th August 2003Adrian Wright
Is it also true that the NNC were positioned at
the northern end of the camp because Lord Chelmsford was expecting a zulu attack from the south (hence the 1/24th being situated there)
5th August 2003Peter Quantrill
6th August 2003Keith Smith

There are a number of accounts which deal (at least in part) with the NNC at Isandlwana. An important one is by Malindi (National Army Museum, Chelmsford Papers, 6807/386-8-58). He fought with Lt. James Lonsdale in No. 9 Company, 1/3rd Regiment NNC, which spent much of its time out in front of the British troops near the "conical koppie" after 36 hours on picquet duty.

Others include Lt. Higginson, Company 6, 1/3rd (with Adendorff) and Captain Nourse, 1/1st NNC. (both in PRO WO 33/34).