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7th August 2003Hill of the Sphinx
By Mark Nichipor
Back far too many years ago, I stumbled upon Jackson's JSAHR article, "Isandhlwana the Sources Re-Examined." Aside from the movie "Zulu" this article got me looking into the war on a "serious" level (i.e. looking at fact Vs myth). It also got me doing two very bad habits; reading the footnotes (!) rather then ignoring them and looking at battles as much as possible through primary accounts. Here at work (I work as a historian with the National Park Service) over the years I have used the article in training seasonal employees as a example of the use of primary sources in interpreting the events on a battlefield.

Since renewing my interest in the war, and finding this website I have been looking through new materials. I was delighted to see that Mr. Jackson has reworked and expanded his original work as a full book entitled "Hill of the Sphinx: The Battle of Isandlwana." Mr. Jackson has expanded his original work, and added a excellent maps and illustrations to compliment the text. The result is a very reasonably price book that is packed with information. In addition through the footnotes there are enough references to search for and find to add to your reading.

My only criticism is that I could not find it here, "across the pond." A search through Amazon or Barnes and Noble does not mention this book. I ordered my through the SWB museum, and received it in record time at a resonable price. A piety, since a lot of folks may miss it. And this is one you do not want to miss!
7th August 2003Adrian Wright
Got my copy via the SWB Museum also. An excellent book well worth a read and great value for money.