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19th August 2003A Personal Thankyou to All at
By George Hulmes

You may not remember me, but late last year I came onto and these message forums in search of evience and information for my History A-Level coursework.
The module itself was a personally researched project, the subject of which could be of our own choosing from any historical context and period; and in the the end I decided on the battle of Isandhlwana.

Our research would culminate in a full written exam lasting 4-hours, in which we would have to write an essay surrounding a question relative to the subject at hand. Mine i the end was;
"To What Extent were British Tactics and Strategy Responsible for their Defeat at Isandhlwana?"

The response I got from the community here concerning my enquiries about the firing line, the ammunition boxes, and the role of the protagonists on that fateful day, January 22nd 1879 was astounding. The number of responses and the volume of detailed evidence and information I recieved was invaluable and highly constructive to my work.

On recieving my results last week, I was delighted to discover that I got 90 out of the 90 possible marks for my coursework on Isandhlwana, contributing to my final grade of B in my History A-level. (I missed out on a A by the narrowest of margins.)

I would like to thank the community here at who by answering to the topic I originally posted, undoubtedly contributed to my research and my final mark. In particular I would especially like to thank the following people;
Clive Dickens, Alex Rossiter, Martin Everett, Bill Cainan, John Young, Dave Nolan, Ron Lock, and Julian Whybra.

Lastly, I would like to thank Ian Knight, who I was able to contact through the forums, something I hope to do personally next month when he visits Bristol for a lecture on the Zulu War itself.

Once again, I am immeasurably grateful to all those in the community who contributed to my efforts, and I'm positive that my research on Isandhlwana wouldn't have been the same without your help.

Best Regards,
George Hulmes

20th August 2003Clive Dickens
I am only to pleased to have been of help to you and may I congratulate you on your exam results Well Done.
20th August 2003Julian Whybra
Well done, George. If you're going to university, may I ask which one and what you intend to study?
20th August 2003George Hulmes
Thanks guys.

Julian, I am currently taking a year out or "gap year" in which I plan to get a job before I plan to apply to UCAS for a university place in 2004.

Otherwise, I had intended going to Bristol University because of its locality. However, I had heard that Exeter University offers a military history course, something I'd like to look into.
20th August 2003John Young

May I add my congratulations to Clive's & Julian's, good luck in whatever path you decide to follow.

John Y.
21st August 2003Alex Rossiter
Congratulations on your A-levels and Good Luck in whatever you decide to do.

may i ask what part of bristol do you come from ? (i live in bristol too)

21st August 2003Keith Smith
Gentlemen (and the odd lady)

Doesn't the note from George give you a warm glow, after some the the wrangles that we have had on this site. Here is a young fellow who sought information and was, as usual, offered loads of stuff from an excellent, and deep resource, and who then went on to make very good use of it to achieve his aim. Makes it all worth while, don't you think?