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24th August 2003Model fgure Sgt Jones
By Dave Chapman
Fo all those interested a figure companycalled dragon models hae produce 12 inch figure of a Sgt at Rorkes drift dressed in period uniform, he looks quite good but i dont know howaccurate his uniform ad equipment are, he can be seen on their site, under 1/6 scale figures, could bea useful piece for all those interesed in zulu war modelling, if anyone does have a peek at this figure could they tell me how accurate his uniform is.
24th August 2003John Young

From what is apparent in the photograph, the uniform and equipment look to be fairly good. I'm guessing given that the figure has shoulder straps, that it has at least some, if not all of the equipment worn on the back.

Looks good to me, and that normally takes some doing.

John Y.
24th August 2003Da Chapman
thanx for the reply john, im glad you thought the figure looked pretty good, i was going to model some but it looks like i dont have to now all i need now is to look at the figure whe it comes out and order a few
24th August 2003Miguel
Hi Dave,

As you probably remember, I announced the release of this historic period figure for collectors a couple of months ago, when news of DML developing the figure first appeared on the specialized press. I am happy to see that you found a better response than the one I got, calling me 'a 5 year-old'.

I think DML has made a good work of research in this one, for instance in the overseas cork helmet, with apparently two variants: the white clean one with the badge and the other one, tea-stained and with no badge.


25th August 2003Clive Dickens
Take no notice son. I still paint military models and I am 68 years old, May I also add I have learnt quite a bit about military history through this channel , it is your critics who need sympathy for their childish comments.
25th August 2003Joseph
I agree completely with Clive. I can't wait for them to start selling this figure. It'll look right smart next to my FS Helmet and MH Rifle.
26th August 2003Dave Chapman
Guys, its good to see that they are still people out there that are looking forward to this model figure being released, i for one wil be buying at least one of these figures, possibly more with the intention of kitbashing and making a private from the 24th. I am wondering how long it will be before seone makes a large diorama of the Drift using these figures and others that are available on the market and maybes donating to a museum to how the public wot isws like rahr than them loking at small scale models and uniforms behind a pane of glass. As for bingcalled a 5 year old Miguel, take no ntice i think that inside all of us thee is a budding modeller who either attempts to make models or is ashamed o admitt that they make models. I have been making models for many years now and im still learning but ive now gone onto the large scale for the simple fact of detail yo can put into the model using real materials to make it authentic. Maybe someone out there who reads this forum may decide to make an authentic set of leather equipment for this new figure i kno i will be looking into the posibility of trying it, any hints, pics and tips on doing it please firem the my way i will take some pics as and whn this figure is released and my model has been done up to my satisfaction. I amnew to this forum ano far i have found the people on here fiendly and we all have the same interest in the same period of british military history.
27th August 2003Slasher Morgan
Yeh, this looks a cracking figure and is the spitting image of our very own Sgt Alan Strikefrom the 1879 Group ! I wonder if the hair's braided into a pigtail at the back? You may be interested to know that this months Military Modelling magazine has an article by a chap who converts these figures and re-paints them. When finished they are absolutely astounding ! Miguel, as a figure modeller of many a long year I'll certainly be buying one and having a bash so take no notice of the narrow minded and go for it. I wonder if Martin will stock them at the museum?
29th August 2003Arthur Bainbridge
you don't look 68 Clive your still a youth at heart, just do what you bloody well want to and those who don't like it can go to hell.Enjoy life