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29th August 2003photos of NNC Officers
By Adrian wright
Does anybody know where I can find any photographs of The European officers of the Natal Native Contingent about the Time of Isandlwana. Were there any ever taken?
In particular I would be interested in Commandant Hamilton-Browne.
Many thanks if anybody can.

31st August 2003John Young

Please contact on my e-mail address, I should be able to help.

John Y.
1st September 2003Adrian Wright
Will do - many thanks

1st September 2003Julian Whybra
There are lots of photos/drawings of individual officers mostly reprinted in the various histories. There was an advert placed in the Natal Mercury requesting relatives send in photos in order to create an Im Memoriam book along Shadbolt and MacKinnon lines - I've never discovered whether anything came of this (or rather I've never found that one was published) unless of course anyone else knows different.......