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9th September 2003"Washing of the Spears"
By Rafe Nottage
Its a fad book, but my dad's first edition is getting a bit tattered (from my re reading I think) so I was wondering - anyone know if it has been re released? If so, when? And whats the chances of finding a copy!!

Rafe N
9th September 2003Rafe Nottage
Fab, not fad....and the keys aren't even close on the keyboard, which was my only excuse....

Rafe N
9th September 2003Julian Whybra
Yes, it's still in print, warts and all, and no doubt will be for years to come. There was a copy in my local Waterstone's this morning in Chelmsford.
9th September 2003Rafe N
Anyone know of new copies in Australia? :)

9th September 2003Clive Dickens
Rafe you can get the book from Amazon
On Their web site they deliver world wide
9th September 2003Peter Ewart

I think I'm right in saying it's never been out of print but even the late author apparently thought some versions/editions were awful.

There are 349 different copies available through, giving you the choice of price (cheapest only two or three quid), bookseller, edition, impression, new/old, pbk/hbk, physical condition, etc etc. The dearest is 110 but most are much cheaper!!! (And even at 110 you won't find footnotes!)

9th September 2003Keith Smith
There are a couple of places you can try in Oz: in Sydney, Napoleon's Military Bookshop or Melbourne, Hyland's Bookshop. I'm sure that if your local Angus and Robertson or Dymock's store doesn't have it, they will get it in for you. Finally, good quality second-hand versions are available at ABEbooks. com.
10th September 2003Martin Everett
Dear All,

I understand there is a reprint due of the paperback version. We will post details when we receive copies.
10th September 2003Rafe
Thanks all; I'm buying it tommorow (cos I got paid today...:)

12th September 2003L.J.Knight
dear rafe,
i really hope you found your copy of w.o.t.s.
im sure you will be blown away by the sheer scale and grandeur of what remains in my mind a truely awe inspiring book of epic proportions.i have in my collection all the usual suspects,coupland,moodie,norris-newman,etc. plus all the modern stuff. my point being, it has become very fashionable for so called authors to trumpet every single error found in the w.o.t.s.we know mistakes were made,so did the author.but remember,Donald Morris when he wrote the book was actually a serving officer in the c.i.a. stationed in berlin. sitting at his desk and researching in a private capacity has put together a stunning work which im sure will be an inspiration for young enthusiasts for many generations to come. which is to say nothing of all the "new" tierd re-hashes , which im sure is more designed to make money , then has anything to do with remembering Victorias "little war "in south africa. sorry to bang on . but i cant stand the cult of celebrity which seems to be fostered amongst certain authors.