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15th September 2003isandlwana medals
By paul tocher
Please can anyone help me im interested in buying a south african medal 1879 for any memeber of the 1st or 2nd 24th of foot who was killed at isandlwana, also how much they normaly sell for ?
15th September 2003Justin Young
Hi Paul

You'll probably be talking between 4000-4500 for a 1st 24th medal- closer to 4500+ for 2nd 24th. Alot of money but a very good investment, as the prices are going up by the year.

Hope this is of help


P.s if you are wanting to purchase such a medal, go to a reputable dealer or auction house as there are many shady specimens about.
16th September 2003Edward Garcia
I agree with Justin 100% about only buying such a medal from the most reputable of dealers. On top of it always require a full guarantee and the condition that you may return the medal should it turn out to be a fake or forgery. Any truly reputable dealer should agree to this.

With prices being what they are I personally have settled for a rather mundane 1879 South African Campaign Medal awarded to a member of the Royal Engineers (not Chard for Heavens sake!) but even that one has increased in value quite considerably since I bought it.

I would agree that any verified South Africa Campaign Medal awarded to a 24th Foot KIA at Isandlwana would be an excellent investment.

Good luck.
16th September 2003Clive Dickens
I hope thaty you have a large money box. but if you are genuine try this dealer I can recommend him his name is Andrew Bostock and his web address is he does have one 1st/24 for sale at present priced 995 see what I mean.
17th September 2003paul tocher
Many thanks for all your kind help chaps
27th September 2003David
I have owned (past tense!) a few Isandlwana Zulu medals over the years: Chalmers 1/24, Davies 2/24, Prosser 1/24 and I STILL HAVE ONE tucked safely in my collection; the medal to Pte. J. Bull 1/24th. When I was buying and trading these medals in the mid 1980's I was paying $600 US approx. My how times have changed.