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15th September 2003Mark V Ammunition boxes
By Carl Daeche
I have just returned from the Military Odyssey in Detling and enjoyed the displays of both the 'diehards' and the 1879 group. I did notice however a lack of authentic looking ammo boxes and discussed this with diehard members. I have recently made a reproduction mark v box (minus the zinc lining). It looks great with shining copper bands brass screws and mellow mahogany carcase. Does anyone know of anyone making repro boxes for renactors and collectors or IS anyone interested?
15th September 2003Chris Tapster
JC Sadler, who is a professional carpenter and wheelwright, produces these under the guise of "Victorian powder boxes". They are superb but as far as I know come without the metal bands and cost 95 pounds each. I have supplied a detailed specification plus photos of originals to a couple of joiners. One has come back with a price of 140 pounds per box including metalwork, the other reply I am awaiting.

People certainly are interested if the price is right to permit the purchase of a small quantity. I've even been contacted by a Zulu War group in the USA asking if I can supply these. Does anyone else have actual or potential makers?
18th September 2003Ian
Hello Carl, the Diehards were displaying home service, I don't believe there would have been ammunition boxes laying around. We did, however, have an original Martini ammo box on show, which belongs to the 'Martini doctor' Adrian, a very rare item to find! [not Adrian, the ammo box!!]
18th September 2003carl daeche
Dear Ian

I spoke with adrian and saw his box(ooh ah madam). I also had the pleasure to meet another die hard who expressed an interest in repro boxes. I promised to send details and photos but the website does not help. Can you provide me with a suitable contact within the diehards please?
18th September 2003Ian
Dear Carl,
& what a box it is! I to would be interested in a M/H box. The best way to contact the Diehard hierachy is through the new web site on the contacts part. I hope you enjoyed the display & encampment at Detling [ & now the shameless trumpet blowing!] & the well deserved winning of the best group trophy at the event! Helped on by Peterborough drum corps.
19th September 2003carl

I have sent two emails to addresses shown on diehard page. Mr Gilmores has come back as address not operative I hope mr Rose has one. I will send a copy direct to you also. Again thanks for the info and interest.
23rd September 2003Joseph
I would be interested in a repro MH Ammo box at a fair price. Oh and I'm one of the USA Zulu War group guys. Hey Chris how are you?
24th September 2003Chris Tapster
Hi Joseph,
Good to hear from you. Just got back from the Balkans today and off to do Boer War stuff in Holland tomorrow. The search for the boxes continues.

25th September 2003Tim Rose
Carl - just catching up on your "critque" of the Company - as both Ian and I have explained - we portay the late 1880's period as an infantry section. We would not have masses of mark V boxes around - we had three of the right period boxes on site - 1800 rounds in total for a 20 man section - thats 80 rounds each and 10 per man battalion reserve - according to my manuals right for our period - I accept you have the right to criticise us - but understand our rational - we are a section on home service - not the quartermaster's stores!

You have had 2 e mails from me and my home phone number - we are interested in doing business - but it helps to talk and hopefully you will have a better understanding of where we are coming from.

Look forward to talking to you soon - rather than rely on "posting" to the internet.
25th September 2003Carl
Dear Tim and all Diehards.

I hope that you (tim) have now received my Email. May I take this opportunity to apologise for any offence taken as to my earlier comments. Far from being critical I was seeking to make an observation that could apply to any re-enactment. I agree the boxes that were on show were appropriate for the subject of the display and your winners award well deserved. My intention has always been to improve what is already revered not to wrongly crticise the work the Diehards do. Please accept my apology for any misunderstanding.
28th September 2003Adrian Whiting

Hello there - seems my box is the subject of some discussion !

I can e-mail pics of the original MkIV if you e-mail me separately. I also have a MkI, labelled for Snider. I know we spoke at the show and you saw the later pattern boxes we use for the 1886 display. I suspect most people would be more interested in the Mark V than anything else !