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5th October 2003RSM of the 1st/24th
By paul tocher
Please could any one tell me weither the RSM of the 1st/24th was killed at isandlwana or did he live ? also what was his name and history ?
5th October 2003Martin Everett
Dear aul,

We do not know much about him. HIs name was Frederick Gapp and he enlisted in about 1861. Promoted Sergeant Major on 31/3/1875. He was awarded the LS&GC on 1/10/1878. That's all I have got.

There were other former Sergeant Majors killed - William Seaton - he was SM in 1871, but was Canteen Steward of 1/24th at Isandhlwana. And of course QM James Pullen acted as Sergeant Major 1/24th in the Eastern Cape between May and December 1873. And then there was QM Edward Bloomfield who was Sergeant Major of 2/24th in 1868-1871 before being commissioned.

Will that do?
5th October 2003Martin Everett
Dear Paul,
Sorry I missed the 'P' of Paul.
I forgot to mention - the rank is Sergeant Major. RSM was only introduced in WW1 when the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2 was brought in.
5th October 2003paul tocher
Dear Martin,
many thanks for your very quick reply , i never knew rsm rank was ww1 onwards
19th October 2003Richard
I think Frederick gapp would have enlisted in 1860, the qualification time for the LS&GC was 18 years service so if he was awarded it in 1878 he must have enlisted in 1860.