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25th October 2003Zulu lure?
By ed coan
One of the aspects of the 'Timewatch' programme was the suggestion/fact that the Zulus lured Chelmsford out of camp on the morning of January 22nd, and the whole thing was a ploy to later attack the camp from their concealed position. I just can't buy this:

a) why did they never use this tactic attack in the entire war, if it had proved so successful at Isandlwana?
b) everything I've read points in the direction that the Zulus did not want to attack on the 22nd (the day of the dead moon) and only did so because they were untimely discovered.

Like all disasters/victorties, depending on your viewpoint, there are a normally a series of often unrelated occurrences which come together to form a whole, but I just can't see the 'luring out' theory as plausible.

Any views?
26th October 2003Melvin Hunt
You may want to pick up on the thread I started some days ago about the discovery of the Impi.
It would be great to hear more views.