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27th October 2003Sekukhune & Morosi
By Justin Young
Could anyone give me any suggestions as to where I could find out more about the lesser publicised campaigns against sekukhune and Morosi in 1879.
I've managed to find a couple of articles in MI mag. and other articles but are there any books that deal with (or at least partly) with these campaigns.


29th October 2003Steven Sass

For others interested, the article on the Morosi Mountain Campaign, by Ian Knight, can be found in Military Illustrated, issue172. The address to order back issues is: Military Illustrated, 45 Willowhayne Avenue, East Preston, West Sussex, BN16 1PL, UK. According to my magazine the cost is 4.50 GBP or $10.00 US, which includes postage.

A good cross section the majority of the campaigns the British Army fought in Africa during Victoria's reign is "Victorian Colonial Warfare-AFRICA," by Donald Featherstone. The publishing information is as follows: First published in the UK, 1992 by Blandford, a Cassell imprint Villiers House, 41/47 Strand London WC2N 5JE. It only briefly mentions Morosi and Sekukhune but gives a nice overview of the campaigns against Ashanti, the Abyssinians, the Basuto, 1st and 2nd Boer Wars, the Kaffirs, the Matabele and Mashonas and of course the Zulu.

For comprehensive texts on the conflicts you've mentioned, unfortunatley I've had as little luck finding them as you. The Ashanti campaign is a rather adventurous tale and was participated in by Buller and Henry Evelyn Wood, who was wounded fairly severely.

I wish I could be of more help.

29th October 2003Steven Sass
I forgot to mention, for those interested in Ashanti, "The Drums of Kumasi" by Alan LLoyd is an excellent read. It's out of print now but it can usually be obtained through ABE books.