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7th November 2003Rorke's Drift by those who were there
By Dave McTiernan
Hi guys

Someone has just sent me a copy of a Devon paper which includes a long piece about Rorke's Drift and a new book that is about to be published. Can't find any mention of it on this site though. Does anyone know anything more about it?

Great site though

7th November 2003Martin Everett
Dear Dave,

The book is being published by Lee Stevenson (Rorke's Drift Doctor) due in January 2004 (125th). We shall certainly be offering this for sale in the on-line shop. Lee is working on a second volume which will cover biographical notes on the non-24th soldiers at Rorke's Drift.
7th November 2003Lee Stevenson
With reference to your query about "Rorke's Drift - By Those Who Were There".

Actually a joint project between myself and Alan Baynham Jones, and it should, touch wood, be ready late November/December time 2003...(famous last words!)

I know we're not supposed to do plugs on this site, so if anyone would like further details please feel free to contact me off site.


The newspaper article was in the Western Morning News by the way.
8th November 2003Bill Condon
I also read an article in the Western Daily Press and the Gloucestershire Citizen. But have no idea of the outlets.
10th November 2003Dave McTiernan
Thanks guys for contacting me

I look forward to seeing the finished book, especially the contributions by Ian Knight