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7th November 2003Bertram Mitford: "Haviland's Chum"
By Peter Ewart
Anyone know of the whereabouts of a copy of the above work of fiction? Tried abebooks, ukbookworld, etc., but without success.

Published in 1903, 20 years after "Through the Zulu Country", it is apparently set in the boarding school in Sussex where Mitford had been educated & features an adventurous Zulu pupil. As I am researching the life of a young Zulu who attended the very same school in the 1890s - & whom Mitford may have come to hear about through the old school mag - I'm keen to track down a copy, even though the story was set in Mitford's time there.

Mitford's career background & literary output were not dissimilar to that of Haggard but his works have certainly not been reprinted so regularly as his, with one obvious exception. So if anyone can help - or wants to flog a cop?y - I'd be grateful.


9th November 2003Kate Holgate
Have you tried for this book? This is where I go when I get stuck looking for a book. Good luck. Kate
11th November 2003Peter Ewart

Many thanks for this tip. I don't know whether these people are connected to Haybooks, or whatever ukbookworld became for a while (before reverting back to the original name) but I've now used the site you recommend and placed my search.

We'll see how they get on! Meanwhile, I'm very grateful to you for your suggestion as I hadn't come across the service before.


18th November 2003Brian Stringer
Am at the early stages of researching Bertram Mitford's life and works (born 1855, died 1914) but information is very limited. Would appreciate any information you may have on him.

Regret that Haviland's Chum is not yet in my own collection and I've searched most sites.