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7th November 2003Stanley Baker
By Trevor
Watched part of a film called "The Games" With Stanley Baker in it! It was made in 1970. Don't want to discuss this bloody awful film! Just wanted to mention how upsetting it was to watch Sir Stanley struggling to act in such a bloody God awful film.
I no he did alot of films in his career. But after seeing him up there on the big screen in Zulu in my teens. I thought what a damn fine actor he was, and just right to play Chard! I think he must have been ill when he made The Games. I think I'll just try to remember him at his peak in Zulu.
10th November 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Well most stars make movies they later regret,like John Wayne ,Bogart,Cagney and even Sir Michael Caine so Stanley is in good company as you say remember the good ones.
10th November 2003Melvin Hunt
You've reminded me of a film Stanley starred in during the late 60's. He played a secret agent and it was called, I think, "Innocent Bystanders". I haven't seen it since but I remember thinking that he played a good part and that a sequel should have been made.
Has anyone any more info on this?
11th November 2003Diana Blackwell
Have you looked at the Internet Movie Database? Try
11th November 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Innocent Bystanders was Sir Stans last movie i believe ,he got very good reviews,I saw it at the odeon Hartlepool,sadly there where a lot of empty seats movies were declining at the time,where now they are booming,it would be nice to have Zulu rereleased again.
13th November 2003leigh tarrant
Yeah - Zulu desperatly need a re release I totally agree.....!!! Best Stanley Baker film for me outside of Zulu was 'Robbery'...nice British gritty film.....