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11th December 2003London Illustrated book
By Clive Dickens
After waiting sometime and paying what I considered to be a fair sum ,
for yet another book to feed my eternal thirst for all things connected with the Ang lo/Zulu War my new book arrived today and what a great book it turns out to be and well worth the 35.00 it cost me , the title " The Zulu War through The Eyes of The
ILLusrated London News" it is compiled by Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill with a forward by David Rattray , it has many,many drawings which appeared in that Zulu war era and is bound in a simulated tye of leather, and of course it is a South African venture and they have certainly excelled with this one it will defiantly take pride of place on my bookshelf.
Well done to both Ron and Peter, and I certainly recommend it to all who are interested in the Anglo/Zulu War
11th December 2003l.j.knight
please could you tell me where you purchased it from. regards
12th December 2003paul naish
I quite agree with your comments Clive. The book has been magnificently compiled. Whilst many of the pictures therein have been included in other publications, this is the first time they have all been consolidated professionally with accompanying script.
12th December 2003Clive Dickens
Sorry I do not have your Christian name ,but the answer is yes but I will send it by private email, I do not wish to cross our web master as I have not had his permission to plug the sale of this book on the Discussion site, he has given it me in the past but I do not want to take ihis good nature for granted so look out for my email.
12th December 2003Alan Critchley
Ron Lock has requested the book to be put in the book section of this site which we will do along with purchasing details.

12th December 2003l.j.knight
but thanks anyway Clive,its Leslie by the way now we are introduced.
18th December 2003AMB
To add to earlier postings, well done, Peter & Ron. An excellent book, extremely well produced. Makes S Bourquin & TM Jonston's earlier work far more accessible.
After Zulu Victory and now this, I await their next book with much interest!
[How about the Graphic?]
19th December 2003Peter Robinson
Having read the glowing comments regarding the compilation of the Zulu War through the eyes of the Illustrated London News, I felt I had acquire a copy. The first thing that struck me was why noone has produced this before. This in my view will become a collectors item. The narrative is one of the most detailed accounts of the Anglo Zulu War one could imagine and of course portrayed to the readers of the ILN as it was seen at the time by the war correspondents. The many sketches and drawings are quite brilliant, many of them drawn by solders who fought in the campaign. It is amazing that so many soldiers were such competent artists. I have read many books on the Zulu War and over the years have visisted the battlefields. The pictures in the book really bring the campaign to life. Quite magnificent. Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill are to be congratulated for compiling this splendid book
20th December 2003Peter Robinson
I have just noticed that AMB has said that the ILN was produced earlier by S. Bourquin and T.M. Johnston. It also says so in the dedication if I had read that part of the book first ! Has anyone any details on this compilation?"
20th December 2003Melvin Hunt
Ron informs me that a DVD version of their Isandlwana video will be released shortly. It will contain extra footage.
Should be good.
20th December 2003Peter Quantrill
Colonel S. Bourquin embarked on his venture to compile the ILN during the early part of 1969. Without the help of his his then secretary,Tanya M. Johnstone, the project would never have got off the ground. They were handicapped by only having acces to one of the two original volumes. To access the other volume resulted in numerous visits to museums etc. They worked in a world of old fashioned technology--gestetners, roneo, and reproducing the illustrations by the use of a camera. The work took two years and was published in 1971. Only 100 red bound copies were printed together with 250 loose bound copies. They fetch in the region of R1500 if located.
Both SB, as he is affectionally known,and Tanya, were present at our launch on 20 November at Pinetown. He is in his 89th year and still revered and respected by all for his unsurpassed fund of knowledge on matters AZW, togrther with his Zulu linguistic skills.