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29th December 2003Zulu Italiano
By Barry Iacoppi. N.Z.
It was Boxing Day. I was feeling relaxed and well fed after a wonderful cold turkey dinner. Now I know that it should be white wine with poultry but I fancied a red. No one else in the family agreed with my choice so I opened a white as well and drunk the whole bottle of red on my own. The meal over the rest of the family did their own things and I decided to give one of my Christmas presents, a D.V.D. player, a test.
Needless to say out came the ďZULUĒ D.V.D.
I confess that even when I am stone cold sober modern technology is a mystery to me. After a bottle of dry red I had as much chance of deciphering the thousand buttons remote and on screen options as building an ENIGMA machine from a kit.
At last I got the film to play and for the next two hours I got to watch one of the best war films ever made. Unfortunately the dialogue was in Italian (I donít speak Italian) and I lacked the energy and knowledge to change to the English option. My fuddled mind enjoyed every moment of it and it amused the family. Donít knock it until you have tried it.
30th December 2003Keith Smith

Yep! I'd sure like to try your bottle of red! I'm sure I wouldn't knock it - Marlborough winery?
30th December 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Jocob's Creek Australian. But don't tell.
31st December 2003Martin Everett
Dear Barry,
I suggest for next year - there is a bottle (unopened) on my desk of

RORKE'S - real lager - brewed in South Africa.

What more could you want!

Best wishes for 2004

1st January 2004Neil Aspinshaw
Happy new year Barry, why not just turn the sound down and do the dialogue yourself, its far more fun!. Or what about "ato uno centres metres independiente fuego a willo!."
(the only italian I know is off the side of a bottle of wine too!.