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1st January 2004Royal Engineers Museum event
By ed coan
Looks like the first posting of the 125th anniversary year!

Apologies if this has been covered, but was in Rochester a couple of days ago and saw a small poster about a A-Z War event at the Royal Engineers Museum between Jan 22 -25.

Anyone got any details as to content, format, speakers etc?

1st January 2004John Young

There will be a display of photographs, artifacts, weapons etc on the Anglo-Zulu War.

The 'Diehard Company' of the Victorian Military Society will be there.

The Zulu Royal House will be represented by at least three direct descendants of Prince Dabulamanzi kaMpande, the Zulu commander at Rorke's Drift.

There will be a display of Zulu dancing & crafts, by a small group which has been brought to the UK by the Prince Dabulamanzi Trust.

As far as I'm aware the speakers are only Julian Whybra & myself.

Themed model soldier displays by the Gravesham Military Modelling Society.

See the 'News' Section for more information.

When we did the event there last year, the Museum was buzzing. We had relatives turning up - mainly 24th descendants, and the Museum received about a 1/3 of its normal yearly visitors in just one week.

The event ends with a service at Rochester Cathedral on Sunday.

John Y.
4th January 2004Julian Whybra
If you e-mail Angela McLennan of the RE Museum on
[email protected]
she will send you a leaflet covering the event with dates times etc.
5th January 2004ed coan
Thanks both - looking forward to it.