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1st January 2004Corrections ( FRED HITCH VC )
By Graham MASON
Certain details that are being described regarding FRED HITCH VC are currently incorrect . He was married on the 5th of July 1881 in St Matthew , Bayswater , LONDON . The full name of his wife was EMILY MATILDA MEURISSE and her father was a naturilised GERMAN from Hannover .

FRED and EMILY had 10 children and not 6 as is being read on FRED`S sheet a. At the time of his marriage his father in law was a labourer and there is no evidence i have discovered that he was ever Manager of the CAFE ROYAL although at one time he was a waiter in his own hotel . I have copies of all the children`s births and 2 died quite young with 8 survivors , can youplease adjust your printout regarding FRED , THANK YOU .
6th January 2004William Hitch
this is different to all the books.
are you sure they are all from the same family?
6th January 2004Martin Everett
Graham Mason is correct.
8th January 2004Graham Mason
Dear William Hitch ,
In reply to your question the following is confirmation of WILLIAM HITCH son of FRED & EMILY HITCH ( nee MEURISSE . William HITCH was born on the 7th of November 1888 to FRED HITCH VC and EMILY HITCH ( nee MEURISSE ) , he was born at 6a Churton Place , PIMLICO , London . A brother of FRED was baptised on the 2nd of OCTOBER 1853 and he was called WALTER WILLIAM HITCH . As was the norm a least favourite name was usually dropped in favour of a name best liked ( ie ALFRED HENRY HOOK usually refered to as HENRY and so on ) . As stated earlier i do have the certificate of FRED`S son and it does confirm that he is one of FRED`s 10 children , not 6 or 8 . There were 8 survivors of the 10 children , EMILY dying as a young baby and son Courtney as a young boy in 1906 aged 8 .

I have the date of baptism of FRED`s brother , WALTER WILLIAM HITCH but little else on this man , despite an attempt at sending Mr Hitch an e-mail it was not recieved . May i invite him to contact me and if a relative perhpas we can take this further ? , thank you , Graham MASON .
18th January 2004William Hitch
Yes I am a relative.
But have no wish for strange people to dig into my family.
W Hitch
19th February 2004Peter Hitch
Dear Graham, I wonder if you have any information on the ancestry of Fred Hitch, to see if it ties up with my own. I'm open to all correspondence

Peter Hitch
22nd February 2004John
Dear William.
I find your attitude surprising...It is not your immediate family he is interested in. You like to benefit from the fruit of other's labour but refuse to contribute yourself. Lucky Fred wasn't so selfish.