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12th January 2004'Symbol of Sacrifice'
By Jonathan Hicks
Does anyone have a copy of this old b/w film on video or DVDr? I would dearly like to obtain a copy having seen excerpts, and have searched the web for some time now without any luck. Can anyone help?
12th January 2004Martin Everett
Dear Jonathan,

As far as I know it is not available commercially. The copyright rests with the KwaZulu Natal Museum Service. y last contact was with Mark Goglan - I regret I do not have his lastest email address. Mark played a part in putting the surviving reels of the film together into VHS format. You will have to go surfing.
12th January 2004John Young

I think Martin should have typed Coghlan, rather than 'Goglan'.

Try search to see if the Natal Carbineers have their own site as Mark used to be involved there as well.

John Y.
14th January 2004Peter Quantrill
The copyright of Symbols rests with Prime Media.The history as far as I can gather is as follows:
Mark Coghlan, the Natal Carbineers archivest, discovered the remnants of the 35mm film in the Pretoria archives.It was owned by African Film Productions. Prime Media bought the latter togetherwith various other material which also included Voortrekkers. Mark introduced Mayer Levy, a film maker to the project. It was Mayer who spliced the original and transferred it into a video format,with the approval and possible funding of Prime Media.The battle scene on Isandlwana was somehow removed from the original 35mm film.Speculation had it that the authorities in 1918 had no desire to show a British defeat.
When we made our video documentary "Isandlwana---Zulu Battlefield" we were given access to the work of Levy through Mark. We then payed a royalty to Prime Media to include battle scenes of both Symbols and Voortrekker, without which our video would not have had the same impact.We have aslo produced a DVD. Prime Media have not released a video to the public and I doubt they will do so.