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13th January 2004Frances Colenso
By l.j.knight
Frances Colenso, does anyone of you have an authenticated image of the bishops daughter, which you would parhaps scan and send to my..e..i have a picture of her from the Campbell collections, but unfortunatly there is a question mark after the image. regards to all.
13th January 2004Peter Ewart
Haven't looked for a few weeks but I thought the Killie Campbell collection had more than one photo of Frances. Perhaps not?

There is certainly a portrait of her facing page 89 of Jeff Guy's "The Destruction of the Zulu Kingdom." His later book on Colenso, "The Heretic", I'm virtually certain contains at least one photo of Harriett but I'm afraid I can't check as I've lent it to a rather senior clergyman who's researching for a lecture on Colenso shortly!

I thought Laband ("Rope of Sand") contained a copy, but I see only Harriett is included. Nor does he include one among the interesting pictures in his "Atlas of the Later Zulu Wars."

Unfortunately, my scanner's on the blink but if you don't have any luck, let me know & I'll photocopy the one from Guy's "Zulu Kingdom" & I'll post it. It's not great quality.

13th January 2004Peter Ewart
In para 2, for Harriett read Frances, of course.

He acknowledges the Natal Archives for the picture and the KC collection for others in the family but there have been changes I think in the intervening years.

There should also be one on the Keynsham Light Horse website but I can't get into it at present to see which one is used.

14th January 2004James Garland
There is also an photograph of Frances in Jeff Guy's "The view across the river"
14th January 2004l.j.knight
i will obviously be checking out Jeff Guy, thanks for that ,Peter and James, olso to the one who was kind enough to e-mail me with info and scan..regards..leslie