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22nd January 2004Regimental Marker?
By P.F
In the Group photo of the 24th is the mention
that one of them was the "Regimental MArker".
Did these soldiers go out at certain distance
from the firing line and place flags at the
maximun distance of the rifle range so that the
soldiers would not fire until the enemy was within maximun range?
22nd January 2004Adrian Whiting
I'm not sure which picture you are referring to, but markers were usually for drill movements, marking places where turns were to be made or salutes to commence and finish whilst marching for parades. Marker is also the term applied to the men at each end of a rank.

Range marking was done if the ground could be prepared, but this would have been a task allocated to available men, not necessarily specialists. It is likely that those who had shown aptitude for distance judging may be used, especially if there was not time to measure the distances out.

23rd January 2004Julian whybra
Yes, which group photo?
24th January 2004P.F
See "Other Defenders
Photo of Survivors of Rorke's Drift"
One of men is named as 'right marker"
24th January 2004Clive Dickens
I have just loked at the photograph you are speaking of, and yes it does clearly stat Companies right marker.
24th January 2004Clive Dickens
I have just looked at the photograph that you speak of and yes it does clearly state company right marker.
As Adrian as already pointed out this was a "position taken up at the right of the front rank when on parade in modern times this is normally an N.C.O from Cpl up and the company will get thier dressing off him in "civvy" talk get a correct straight line. I had the honour on many a big parade when I was in the army. how it originated I do no know maybe someone else can come up with the original reason.