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25th January 2004Fredrick Hitch V C Blue Plaque Ceremony.
By Mo Jones
A ceremony was held this morning at the house in Cranbrook Road London the 25th
of January 2004. This took place after a ceremony at the grave of this brave man
and a parade through the streets to his house.

I would like to thank Mr Graham Mason the
1879 Group archivist for all his hard work
over the years in his quest to research everything on " Hitch " and with the help of
the Collar and Barker families got to this point

Graham had the " Honour " of unveiling the
Blue Plaque and on behalf of the 400 or so
members of The 1879 Group which to date
includes 117 genuine descendants of Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana men, our Living History
section as well Graham we thank you mate.
Keep up the great work you do for us

Best wishes

Mo Jones

The 1879 Group
Founded at Brecon Barracks May 1998.
29th January 2004Ray
Gosh, Ive seen a few topics about the "1879 Group". What's it all about? I would love to have attended that ceremony, and on my next visit to London I plan to visit Cranbrook Road.

It is strange, but since 9/11/01 I've taken a great interest in historical events that have demonstrated bravery and courage (perhaps not so strange). The Zulu Wars and Rorke's Drift - quite an inspiration to this Yank! Thanks for any info you can give.
30th January 2004Mo Jones
Hi Ray.

Have a look at that
will tell you what the group is all about and
we even now have a uniform section in
the U S A and the contact details are on the
web site.

Best wishes.

1st February 2004Ray
Thanks Mo, had a look at the site. Great pics and I'll keep you in mind before making my next trip to the UK this summer, would like to see an event of some sort.
2nd February 2004Mo Jones
Hi Ray.

Hope you can make it mate you will enjoy it

Best wishes.