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29th January 2004South Wales Borderers
By Rev Lyle P Murphy
Since Rorke's Drift and Islandhlwana occurred in 1879 and the SWB did not formally exist until the 1981 Army reorganization, why do we see no reference to them as the Warwickshire Regt, their true designation in "79.
29th January 2004John Young

The 24th were actually designated as the '2nd Warwickshire Regiment', their title changed to the South Wales Borderers under the Cardwell Reforms of 1881.

Prior to 1881 the Royal 1st Warwickshire Regiment's designated number was the 6th Regiment of Foot.

You will see the correct designation used most of the time on this site. Only the ill-informed - suchas the media reporting current events from South Africa, style the regiment the South Wales Borderers.

John Y.