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29th January 2004Morris
By Keith Smith
On 11th January last year, I made the following pleas for information from contributors to this site. To this date, there has not been a single response.

"In his book (my copy, p. 363) Morris says that the Undi corps and the uDloko were late arriving at the Nqutu bivouac and camped a mile behind the main impi. In the next paragraph, he goes on to say that Ntshingwayo and Mavumengwana were resting on the extreme left of the ravine (ie, the southern end) and when the battle began they were only able to hold the above corps and regiment for the traditional pre-battle harangue.
Does anyone have any references to primary evidence verifying these 'facts' or was Morris using his writers' license again?"

29th January 2004Keith Smith
Sorry - I am not trying to start up a new thread here. This post should have been another response to the "Accuracy of WOTS" thread.