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29th January 2004Unknown unit designators
By Chris Tapster
Grateful for any assistance from unit history specialists out there. I have a 1900-dated bayonet with the stamp 1YG on the hilt . Can anyone identify this as a Britsh Army unit? Also have acquired black metal cap badge and shoulder titles with lettering NRRV, badge is Yorkshire Rose with NRRV beneath. My guess is that this could stand for "North Riding Rifle Volunteers" but I can find no evidence to support this. Any ideas anybody?
31st January 2004Adrian Whiting

My suggestions - for I am not certain - are 1st Sqdn Gloucestershire Yeomanry for your 1YG, deriving from the fact that the original unit markings had the Y above the G, which would account for why the Y would precede the G if stamped in a straight line. What pattern bayonet is it ?

I would tend to agree with your suggestion for NRRV. NR certainly features as a territorial unit stamp for North Riding.

Hope this helps

31st January 2004Chris Tapster
Many thanks. The bayonet is for a long Lee-Enfield and is dated 1900.

In the meantime I've established that NRRV was indeed the North Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers, a territorial unit formed in 1860 and affiliated to the Green Howards. I'l pursue my enquires further at the GH museum in Richmond once it reopens.



3rd May 2004David
I see one rifle. It's a winchester model 1892.
Caliber 44-40 200. In it stock NRRV is
engraved, and a numberabove, 679.
This rifle was produced in 1913, the number
in the box. I leave in Brasil, south. Can, you,
please report about, in Portuguese.
A arma, uma winchester modelo 1892,
fabricada pela ordem numerica na base da
culatra, em 1913, em calibre 44-40 200, tem
na sua coronha gravado NRRV e embaixo
desta gravação o número 679. A arma está
em estado 50%, mas não foi reoxidada,
apenas o seu rifling está precário.
Obrigado por uma informação a respeito.
Obséquio um retorno em português. Resido
no sul do Brasil, estado do Rio Grande do
Sul. Faz fronteira com a Argentina e o
Uruguai, próximo o Paraguai.
As letras são pequenas. Iguais a estas,