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18th February 2004Rorke's Drift Game
By Lukas Buess
Hi there

I'm creating a rorke's drift game.

to create the rorke's drift game as realistic as possible I need some information! Probably someone could send these information to me?

Please send me an email for more information!

Thank you
18th February 2004John Young

What information do you need?

John Young
19th February 2004Lukas Buess
Hi John

thank you for the pictures. Do you have some detailed pic's of the British Uniform used at the battle. We need them to creat the 3D figures of the game.

Thank you
19th February 2004Chris
Are you making a computer game or a war game (like with Risk)?
19th February 2004John Young

From the e-mails I've been having it is a computer game, like the WW2 game 'Sudden Strike'.

John Y.
19th February 2004Chris
Boo YEAH!! Finally, a Zulu War computer game. lol
20th February 2004Lukas
Hi Chris

yes it's a computer game like John describe it! We'll have a promotion clip very soon, I'll inform her as soon as it's available!

We hope the game will find a lot of friends!
17th March 2004warlord
Hi Lukas,
what would be the minimum quantity for
a discount ?

Friendly greetings from above

27th March 2004Tarkis
I look forward to hearing more about this game! There is also another zulu game out, called 'Zulu War' by ISI simulations. It's a pretty good, hex based strategy game covering the entire 1879 Zulu campaign or just segments if you like. However a more modern game would be good.